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What is a Building Designer?

If you are looking to construct a building from the ground up in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, you should hire a building designer. Unfortunately, many people have no idea what a building designer does and how they can help you. A building designer is tasked with putting together they entire design of the building. Similar to an architect, a building designer generally specialises in residential design. Our design team, are fully insured, and are accredited with medium rise design licence that allows us to design and procure commercial and industrial building as well as residential. The senior designers at Formardå, are professional trained and are qualified with a Diploma of Building Design and a Bachelor of Environmental Design (Architecture). 

The Formardå studio is devoted to quality and attention to detail, with a passion for design excellence. Our design intent is reflected in our high quality projects, working drawings and drafting documentation. We have adopted online services to make your experience with us carefree and specific to your individual project. Inquiry via our online form, upload any ideas, drawings or designs you may have. Book a free consultation using our website and begin your project. We can communicate via email, picture messaging and using cloud services we can send you a 3D model of your project so that you can view on your smartphone.